You never know who you might be inspiring

I happen to really like quotes. Particularly of the inspiring kind 🙂

Anyway, I’ve had this one tapped up to my desk for a few months now:

“Make your life a model of what can happen if you take chances, think big, and go for your dreams. You never know who you might be inspiring”

You never know who you might be inspiring.

Tonight, as I was walking away from the gym where I now train in the Bay Area, one of the younger girls from the youth fitness class, called out to me–by name–as I was leaving. “Bye, Holly!” She yelled. I was shocked and flattered that she somehow did.

I felt sheepish that I didn’t immediately know her name but I returned her “bye!” with just as much enthusiasm. All I know is that when the young ones are gathering, watching us finish up a workout while waiting for their class to start, I try to be an example of someone who puts in the effort, strives for proper technique (especially under fatigue), and maintains a positive energy (let’s be honest, especially under fatigue). I realize being a true example of this is probably someone who lives up to these things even when everyone’s back is turned. But, they’re kids and they need good examples. So I might as well do a good job when they’re actually watching.

I guess today I don’t have any wisdom just this observation and acknowledging my gratitude to be able to train among the other females at the gym who actively support each other, are playful and funny and strong. They definitely inspire me and I hope the young ladies who see us are inspired too.

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