Life Advice: Protect Your Own Well

Today, looking through Feedly, my eyes flashed across these words from Seth Godin’s blog:

“The single most important part of any project is the battery, the source of energy, the optimism and effort that turns the long shot into the sure thing, one day at a time.”

And, especially if you’re that battery, taking this idea a step further, it’s so important to protect your own source of energy. Your internal well of optimism, playfulness, lightheartedness, curiosity and overall zest for life.

reebok spartan race sacramento hot chick
At the Sacramento Super – that Spartan bucket life 😉

It’s crazy; I’m slogging through mud carrying a heavy bucket of rocks. People that built the pyramids probably dealt with something similar to this and I don’t think they looked nearly as happy.

But while the Spartan Super was genuinely challenging, it’s also inherently fun for someone like me.

There have been times in my life when I’ve realized I haven’t been being good to myself.  When I haven’t been protecting what fuels me. All I can say is, it’s important to develop an understanding of what makes you happy on a daily basis and what contributes to your own personal energy source. Even more important, is when you find yourself out of alignment, reconnecting to what gives you energy is how you can course correct to get yourself back to that place of balance.

Ready to tackle the next challenge and the next.