Life Advice for Millennials: Stand Up For Yourself But Take The Emotion Out Of It

I haven’t posted anything in the last week. But that’s because I had switched gears and was writing for a different outlet.

Well, after working very hard to submit a finalized version for said outlet, it happened that my work was not published in its entirety. Normally, I’m open to edits because I like making something better as a result of working on it. But, there wasn’t any feedback sent to me. Instead the finalized version of what I submitted for publication was not at all the version I was reading at the time.

Inwardly, I started to get upset reading further and further and catching mistakes.
Wait, that was supposed to be removed…ugh, no that data point comes later why is it still there…I’m sure I removed that…
I could go on until the cows come home. Suffice it to say, this was nowhere near my final version.

Outwardly, I approached a colleague whose steady hand I knew I needed in that moment. And whose advice would stick with me even longer. He helped me realize that in order to be effective and to address the task at hand, I needed to take the emotion out of it. He helped me see that I could separate the parts that needed to be  communicated to the editor (what to remove so that the published article was again aligned with the agreed upon messaging) and what could be a discussion item at a later time for how to get on the same page and work together more effectively the next time around.

So, that’s it. That’s my little story. If you’re going to stand up for yourself, take the emotion out of it. At the very least, you’ll be the one moving things forward towards a solution.