I’m slowly working to document more of my SEO processes, approaches and investigations around Google’s algorithm updates. The documented ones at least 😉

More and more, I see that search engine optimization is more than a set of keywords you optimize against. SEO is integrated into the entire business strategy because it’s the only component that touches every phase of the customer journey as they find, engage and transact with your business.

SEO was first described to me in 2010 by Andrew Shotland as the art and science of raising website visibility in organic listings.  Simple, right? Shotland is a great SEO; one of the old guard.

Then, when I worked for a search marketing agency a few years later, it became about “Search Everything Optimization”. The SERPS were crowded and ASO (App Store Optimization) was the shiny new thing to figure out. SEO’s focused on optimizing everything they could to be where the consumer was searching on a tiny mobile screen.

Fast forward a few more years. The shiny new objects are Voice Search and mobile friendliness (though we all know mobile device searches have accounted for 50% of Google queries since at least 2015). It’s midway through 2018 and Google has just released it’s third (documented- gasp!) algorithm update.

What’s it all about? What is the silver bullet of SEO today? In a word: Quality. In an acronym: E-A-T.




Could your website use an SEO Audit to determine what quality factors and technical fixes to prioritize? Get in touch at itsmillertime0baby (at) gmail.com.

Subject line: SEO Site Audit.

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