If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a lifelong learner. I’m committed to growth and being better than I was yesterday.

I also eat positivity for breakfast (and eggs too, of course) because, come on, it’s an incredible time to be alive on this earth! We have a mature Internet, services that can deliver food right to your door in less than an hour, access to modern medicine, information at our fingertips and endless entertainment to stream online. Life is pretty incredible.

I’m someone who loves investing in continuous development sharing my ideas, wisdom, skills, and the products I’ve come across over the years as a resource to elevate those around me.

I’m a fan of focusing on small, actionable tactics that have a practical application and get results. I believe in putting out good energy in the form of optimism and kindness.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

Can you tell I was born in December?

young woman smiling at you all bundled up wearing a warm winter coat
December baby.

How I help you become more successful

In a word: experience. I document and share personal stories and insights based on my experience as someone who has traveled internationally and bringing my unique perspective as a creative individual.

I write and publish information and resources here on my blog to educate and empower you about a variety of lifestyle topics related to being a Millennial.

Why I do it

Human beings have an incredible amount of resilience — when we put our mind to it.  We also have the capacity to be our own worst enemy.

By nature, I’m a twin which means I value teamwork as well as individual contribution. I like helping people because life doesn’t get easier and there are many things we cannot control. We can, however, control our own efforts to get stronger, more capable and confident in our own abilities.

And we can always be kind. A smile is the universal language and it costs nothing.

I’ve navigated my career in advertising, events and digital marketing learning everything I can along the way.  I also continue to invest in myself and have evolved my personal brand over time. My way of serving is to teach and share my perspective on how to grow and thrive in the digital world we’re in today.

Professional Snapshot

Holly Miller Anderson is an experienced SEO and marketing strategist.  Her background as a storyteller stems from her early exposure to broadcast journalism in college at Chapman University and her early days working in advertising and PR.  She has over a decade of broad, digital marketing experience that includes marketing films, event management overseeing corporate trade show logistics as well as in-house experience at an agency and enterprise retail brand. She has made a career advising marketers on their enterprise SEO strategy helping them develop and deploy a strategic and tactical roadmap.

A recent 2020 transplant from Silicon Valley, Holly now resides in Kentucky with her husband who is dedicated to fueling her many passions with his trade as a professional chef.

Want more Holly? Here’s where to find me online:

Instagram @millertime_baby

Twitter @maliamiller

* The posts on this blog represents Holly’s personal thoughts and experiences and in no way speaks on behalf of her employers. *

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