The modern Millennial’s guide to winning at life

To me, lifestyle encompasses many areas that allow me to feel fulfilled and grow as a human being.

I love sharing inspiration for practical fashion tips (especially when traveling abroad) many of my outfits and style reflects a basic but classic, pulled-together look. I like dressing for the occasion but my go-to is typically a soft black sweater, jeans and riding boots.

I also enjoy using and sharing really great products. This can be anything from well-made items or businesses to beauty products.

I’m interested in financial wellbeing and continue to educate myself about saving and investments. I feel it’s important to continue to educate oneself on the aspects of finance and credit throughout life.

I’m also big on food and nutrition especially as it relates to fuel for life. I married a chef so I absolutely know what I got myself into. I’m always working on my Sous skills to be worthy of working in the kitchen alongside my husband 🙂 his culinary blog is here btw…

Salt and Love – A Cooking blog by Glenn Anderson 

Lastly, I can’t leave out fitness. I’ve always led an active lifestyle. I studied martial arts as a young girl (from age 8 to 16). In college, I got into ballroom dancing and followed it into becoming a competitive International Standard dancer training with an amazingly dedicated partner and coaches (I danced competitively for about seven years). Currently, I reside in the Bay Area and enjoy getting out to hiking trails on the weekends in addition to weeknights at my home gym, Courage Performance, doing weightlifting and Crossfit.



Life advice blog posts

Career Navigation: Side Hustles Worth Investing In & Skills Worth Developing

Side Hustles and Skills Worth Investing In or Developing There are very few side gigs that can truly replace a full time income. But, side gigs are just that, gigs that are worth a bit of investment if you have time on the side and want to make extra money. This page from the Penny…

6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs and Startups Who Read “Lost And Founder” Will Be Impervious To Failure

What’s the greatest mistake entrepreneurs make? Misunderstanding their market? Timing? Positioning? Investing in the wrong product features? Doing everything themselves? Failing to get funding? After reading Rand Fishkin’s book “Lost And Founder,” I would argue it’s actually only one thing: self-awareness. The greatest mistake an entrepreneur can make is not being self-aware. Although Fishkin’s book…

On Building Resiliency (the key is adaptation)

Observations from a Millennial who lived through 9/11, the 2008 economic recession followed by a global pandemic in 2020. I started writing this post in 2020 as a way to cope and process what was going on during the COVID-19 outbreak. I updated it in late 2021 and all I can say is I’m really…

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