My background in broadcast journalism means I’m a great visual storyteller. I have a natural eye for design that helps my content stand out whether in written or visual form. As a trained marketer, I know what kinds of content brands need today to resonate with their audience.

Influencer Marketing

I’m active on social media, specifically Instagram where I share photos of our adventures raising a 10 month old golden retriever. He would loooove to do an Insta collab with you in exchange for treats and toys.

We’re also getting to know the local Louisville area more by visiting different distilleries and bars and restaurants in the area. My husband and I relocated here during the height of the pandemic so we’ve slowly been getting more acquainted with everything Lou has to offer.


My strategy: one post at a time. I’m currently considered a micro influencer because I have <500 followers but the trade off of breadth is depth. I create quality posts with informative and fun visuals that pop.

Thought Leadership Collaborations

As a seasoned marketer, I enjoy the opportunity to attend conferences to keep my skills sharp and participate in expert-led discussions on strategy.

Agency Invitation: The Mastermind conference, hosted by 97TH Floor, is a personal favorite. It’s a 3-day immersive event where participants share experiences, connect with thought leaders and receive training through talks from the best in the business.

Mastermind conference highlight, hosted by 97th Floor Agency in Park City, Utah.
More from 97th Floor Instagram:

Content Creation

In addition to being in front of the camera, I also like when I get to make others the star of the show and interview them about their experience and expertise. My interviews are engaging and thoughtful. The result is polished content for a key audience.

Blog content creation: here’s an interview I did of John Doherty, internet marketer and founder of Credo: Bay Area Search with John Doherty of Credo.

Interview with John Doherty, Founder of Credo


Perhaps you’ve read some of my posts here on my blog and would like to co-create content together. I encourage you to get in touch. I blog about a variety of interests and topics from fitness to travel to career development which is why I consider myself a lifestyle blogger. I don’t fit into one category. If I had to list a few, I would say I have experience in multiple areas like…

Lifestyle blogger

I love experiencing the local scene. Now that we live in a new corner of the world, Louisville, Kentucky, there’s a lot to see and do from bourbon tours to finding events outside of the Derby where I can wear a fancy hat.

Fashion blogger

I buy and wear clothes that suit the occasion. I love practical fashion because I’m a real person who balances sustainability and my budget with always simply looking put together. I love a great pair of leggings with pockets, quality shoes and tasteful, timeless jewelry.

Beauty blogger

I’m blessed to have what I’ve been told is natural beauty. But, with great beauty comes great responsibility 🙂 I take care of my skin with healthy routines like sunscreen, hydration and sleep. I invest in mineral based makeup and products that do not harm animals or the planet. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but what I do wear, I’m brand loyal to.

Fitness blogger

I enjoy maintaining a certain level of fitness at every age. Early in life, I did martial arts. I’m trained as a ballroom dancer and have competed (and won) with my dance partner in International Standard style. In my mid-to late 30’s I’ve enjoyed changing it up to more strength and endurance training doing Olympic weightlifting, obstacle course (Spartan) races, and cross-fit style gyms.

Travel blogger

I did an African safari and wrote all about the trip and the gear I packed along. I love documenting new places I get to visit at home or abroad.

Available for

  • Commercial photography
  • Brand activations
  • Brand experiences
  • Emcee/ host
  • Videography
  • Digital thought leadership
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Paid Consulting opportunities

Have something else in mind? Get in touch.