One reason people don’t grow is because they fear what they will need to give up, instead of welcoming what they will gain.

I’ve trekked as far as Australia and Africa, respectively, and every time I find that traveling reminds me how small the world really is and what connects us all. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have the means and the time to travel with family and friends throughout various times in my life.

Many of the travel related blog posts from 2015-2022 document local attractions in the Bay Area and various bourbon distillery tours now that we live in Kentucky. 

International locations I’ve traveled to

Queensland, Australia

Tanzania, The Serengeti National Park, South Africa

Copenhagen, Sweden

London, England

Paris, France

Berlin, Germany

Edinburgh, Scottland

Pontremoli, Province of Massa-Carrara, Italy

El Centro, California

Ensenada and Tecate, Mexico


These are the domestic locations I’ve visited in the US over the years

Oahu, Hawaii

New Orleans, Louisiana

Ketchikan, Alaska

Boston, Massachusetts

Las Vegas, Nevada

Chicago, Illinois

Salt Lake City, Utah

Louisville, Kentucky

Portland and Bend, Oregon

Seattle, Washington

Washington, DC

New York, NY

Austin, Texas

Keen, New Hampshire

Scottsdale, Arizona

Cleveland & Colombus, Ohio

Preston, Idaho

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Below are my bucket list places that I want to visit

Iceland – I really want to see the Northern Lights (fingers crossed we can go for our honeymoon).

Ireland – I’d love to see the landscape where the cliffs meet the sea.

Canada – I’d love to see more of Vancouver and also Montreal.

more of South Africa – Botswana, Mozambique, Cape Town, Zanzibar.


Travel blog posts

KY Distillery Tour: Willett

Bourbon Chronicles: Willett Distillery Also on the list of distilleries not to miss is Willett. Location: The distillery is located just over an hour south of Louisville near a city called Bardstown. It’s also geographically close to the James Beam distillery, and is all but in the back yard of Heaven Hill’s main property. Plan…

KY Distillery Tour: Castle & Key Distillery

Bourbon Gin Chronicles: Castle & Key Distillery This is a location not to be missed. Personally, I’m more of a gin fan. And while this distillery is technically not (at this time) part of the KY Bourbon trail, it is absolutely worth your time to visit. They’ve recently started releasing a line of bourbons. At…

KY Distillery tour: Jeptha Creed

Bourbon Chronicles: Jeptha Creed Distillery Since this distillery is roughly 30 minutes away from us, we decided to stop in on a weekend for their tasting experience. It’s a family run business – namely by the females as the Master Distiller and Master Marketer. What a great job title 🙂 Location: Jeptha Creed is located…

KY Distillery Tours – Rating System & Ranking

In the most unstructured of ways, this is a fun way for my husband and I to document and rate our visits to the various bourbon distilleries we’ve begun visiting around Kentucky. We moved here in the middle of the pandemic and didn’t get out much. Now that it’s a bit safer to do so,…

KY Distillery Tour: Bulleit & Wild Turkey

Bourbon Chronicles: Bulleit and Wild Turkey Distillery tours: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey and Wild Turkey We visited these distilleries back in 2011 when mask mandates were still in place and tour sizes were drastically reduced which meant, when we visited Wild Turkey, we only walked the grounds and have yet to experience their tour. Location: both…

KY Distillery Tour: Buffalo Trace

The Bourbon Chronicles: Buffalo Trace distillery tour Buffalo Trace is the producer of some of the finest bourbons on the market (when you can find them): Blanton’s, Pappy van Winkle, Eagle Rare, and of course Buffalo Trace, among others. They’re some of the best – and highly coveted – bourbons in the eyes of bourbon…

KY Distillery Tour: KY Artisan Distillery

The Bourbon Chronicles: Kentucky Artisan Distillery Distillery visit Kentucky Artisan distillery (KAD) We’re really thrilled to have this notable distillery just about in our backyard. Our guide provided a fantastic history lesson about how bourbon evolved into what it came to be and is today. Its affordable price and convenient location means we’ll definitely recommend…

KY Distillery Tour: Jim Beam and Heaven Hill

The Bourbon Chronicles: Jim Beam & Heaven Hill Distillery visits: Jim Beam and Heaven Hill At the time of this post, it’s 2022 and businesses and distilleries have begun to open back up. As new locals to the Louisville area, we’re taking mini trips to visit various bourbon distilleries. For reference, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail…