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This blog is for the modern Millennial in their mid to late 30’s navigating life and career. As an “elder Millennial”, I share my personal wisdom and life experiences which I’ve distilled here into the best information, guidance and products for you to be the best “you” in your own life.

I love discovering and sharing products that make life easier, are practical and durable. I’ve traveled the world from Australia to Africa and share what I pack along and wear for adventures abroad. My personal style is functional, fashionable, affordable, athletic, and always classic.

Together, let’s get better every day and, as Thomas S. Monson said, “Find joy in the journey.”


What I help you do

I’m a digital native and dynamic, multi-faceted marketer whose passionate about personal and professional development. Thus, my blog is a resource to help other Millennials looking to improve their personal brand, online business presence and income sources in the digital age.

I help you navigate the digital and real world by offering my unique perspective on topics like career development, leading a fit lifestyle, and practical product recommendations.

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This post contains a list of the products and items I’ve purchased from Under Armour for my personal workouts and everyday wear. Small caveat, at present, I work for the company so while I receive an employee discount on the items chose to I purchase, since I love the brand, I also love sharing when… Read More

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For about 7 years of my life, I traveled and competed regularly in ballroom competitions. A few times I booked an appointment to get my hair done professionally but most of the time, I did my own. I learned over time what style worked for me and could do my own hair and makeup. Ballroom… Read More

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Bourbon Chronicles: Jeptha Creed Distillery Since this distillery is roughly 30 minutes away from us, we decided to stop in on a weekend for their tasting experience. It’s a family run business – namely by the females as the Master Distiller and Master Marketer. What a great job title 🙂 Location: Jeptha Creed is located… Read More

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In the most unstructured of ways, this is a fun way for my husband and I to document and rate our visits to the various bourbon distilleries we’ve begun visiting around Kentucky. We moved here in the middle of the pandemic and didn’t get out much. Now that it’s a bit safer to do so,… Read More

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Bourbon Chronicles: Bulleit and Wild Turkey Distillery tours: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey and Wild Turkey We visited these distilleries back in 2011 when mask mandates were still in place and tour sizes were drastically reduced which meant, when we visited Wild Turkey, we only walked the grounds and have yet to experience their tour. Location: both… Read More

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Side Hustles and Skills Worth Investing In or Developing There are very few side gigs that can truly replace a full time income. But, side gigs are just that, gigs that are worth a bit of investment if you have time on the side and want to make extra money. This page from the Penny… Read More

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