This blog is for the modern Millennial
who is in their mid to late 30’s. He/she wants to
harness the personal wisdom and life experiences which

I’ve gained and distilled here into the best information,
guidance, and tips for you to be the best “you” in your own life. 

I love discovering and sharing products that make life easier,
are practical and durable. I’ve traveled the world from Australia
to Africa and share what I pack along for adventures.
My personal style is functional, fashionably affordable
and always classic.

I’m Holly. Here to educate, inspire and empower those around me. 


What I help you do

The term “Millennial” refers to a VERY broad range of ages between 22 and 38; it can be as broad as those born between 1980 – 2000. IMHO, a person in their 20’s is very different from someone in their 30’s

In fact, the term “Elder Millennial” was coined (or hash-tagged?) by comedian Iliza Shlesinger. Similarly, it refers to the Millennials who were born in the early 1980’s so that in present day, they’re the individuals you see walking this earth in their mid to late 30’s.

I’m someone who enjoys continuing to develop herself and by extension, this blog is a resource to help other Millennials who are bloggers, creatives, entrepreneurs and marketers of their own products and services looking to level up their brand, business and source of income.

I bring all of my life experiences — from my background as a competitive ballroom dancer to my travels around the world — to my profession as a digital marketer of 14+ years. I have direct experience advising brands from startups to enterprise level on growth tactics and SEO strategies across marketing performance channels, driving results.

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I started to see a pattern in the outreach messages I’ve received about doing brand collaborations and thought I’d jot down some thoughts…because, you know, my ultimate hope is to make the world a better place so let’s start with the internet. There’s a marketing tactic called “influencer marketing” where basically, anyone with a substantial… Read More

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What topic would you automatically assume I would be speaking on? I thought this was a fun social media experiment. I posted the below image with this message on Facebook and Instagram: The responses were pretty interesting. Ball Room Dancing as a Metaphor for Google’s Algorithm SEO landscape Working out Swing dancing Talk about the… Read More

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As I browse the online deals this Cyber Monday, I have a song stuck in my head: “last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special…” In my head, I’m mentally swapping out the word… Read More

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One of the hardest things to purchase online is jewelry and second to that is clothes. I recently went through the experience of buying a wedding ring online for my fiance and ran into difficulties with a vendor. My hope in publishing this article is that it reduces the likelihood of this happening to someone… Read More

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You know the cliche “the best things in life are free.” But I also happen to think the best things are things that are actually helpful: tools, recommendations, products and every-day items that solve a problem and make life easier. Here is a list of the incredibly helpful items I cannot live without. Collapsible folding… Read More

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I used to dream about what it would be like to be a digital nomad. Just me, my laptop and a turquoise stretch of ocean on either side. I’d think about what it would be like to work from a remote location that inspired my creativity and not just a desk where I’m accounted for… Read More

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