Career Navigation: Side Hustles Worth Investing In & Skills Worth Developing

Side Hustles and Skills Worth Investing In or Developing

There are very few side gigs that can truly replace a full time income. But, side gigs are just that, gigs that are worth a bit of investment if you have time on the side and want to make extra money.

This page from the Penny Hoarder has a lot of content on this topic.

In particular, the article 50 legal ways to make money is worth a read.

What’s interesting about this topic, is that the search intent changes over time and it’s always a trending topic.

Here’s an example of the SERP for “side gigs”. The PAA results contain a mix of hustle jobs that are more likely to be done by fresh-out-of-college age people and those currently employed but looking to make extra cash on the side.

SERP: search for “side gigs”

In 2022, the types of side work that continues to be available and IMO, monetarily viable, are writing, doing repetitive jobs others don’t want to/can’t do (i.e. data entry), grocery shopping/delivery, child care/tutoring/daycare, reselling old items that someone else wants (collectors) or getting into real estate.

What’s also interesting is that search interest for “side hustle” spiked in November 2020 which, IMO, is late in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The’ve peeked in April 2022, potentially related to the increasing cost of gas prices, inflation on goods and services in general.

Google Trends “side hustle”

The trend appears to continue to increase. Indicating that the broader public is interested in viable ways to make extra money.