Product review: ballroom hair must have’s

For about 7 years of my life, I traveled and competed regularly in ballroom competitions. A few times I booked an appointment to get my hair done professionally but most of the time, I did my own. I learned over time what style worked for me and could do my own hair and makeup. Ballroom hair is all about sleekness, style, and (most importantly) staying in place.

In my dopp kit for hair, I always had the following:

Always pack:

  • Chignon hair net
  • Eyelash glue & lashes
  • Bobby pins
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Redkin har gel + spiking glue
  • Rhinestones + loose glitter to…dust yourself 😉

A chignon hair net is a must. I learned over time that this is the true secret to making your hair look effortless in a bun. IRL, Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge, uses one to keep her hair perfectly in place.

The spiking glue from CVS is a safe product to use on your hair that helps you apply rhinestones or decorative feathers. You can even use it to “glue” down pieces of your hair that you’ve styled.

Real world application: These types of products are not typically for an everyday look (unless you have 3 hours to spend getting ready). It’s largely for anyone who performs in public, maybe you’re on a cheer squad or will be in a parade, on stage etc.

Early days of doing my own hair in the hotel room for a competition.
Doing my own hair for ballroom comps.
This is when I paid to get my hair done professionally. It’s easier for another person to do your hair if you want something more intricate.
I found some silk orchids that matched my pink gown and added rhinestones to them for the final look.
2012 – The final product 🙂