The Modern Millennial Motto: Always Be Prepared To…

…run a Spartan race!

I’m excited and nervous for this weekend gearing up for the Spartan Sacramento Super. Wooo!  This will be my second Spartan race this year after doing the Sprint at AT&T Park back in May (that’s my game face while on those monkey bars!). Let’s be honest, I’m way more excited for the obstacle parts than the running aspect of it all.  But, for what it’s worth on this one, me and five of my closest gym pals will be out trekking around the rolling hills of Van Vleck Ranch and I am definitely going in prepared.

I got some tips from a friend who also happens to be a veteran in the US Army.  Basically this guy used to get paid to do what I’m paying to get to do. Where’s the logic in that? πŸ˜‰

Here’s what my Army friend recommended packing along in a small CamelBak:

  1. Duct tape (seriously, you guys. Why not?)
  2. Clif Bar Builder’s Protein bar
  3. Extra pair of socks (in a ZipLoc bag)
  4. Sunscreen & sunglasses
  5. Hard candy like Sweet Tarts or Life Savers (for a quick sugar boost)
  6. Bandana
  7. Cording
  8. Ace wrap
  9. Water in the CamelBak + a small bottle
  10. Gloves, elbow/knee pads

Of course, back at the car I’ll have a second bag with a towel, baby wipes, more water and an extra change of clothes and shoes (I love the Redmond Low Hiking shoe by Columbia Sportswear). Hopefully this info is also helpful to other Spartans heading out there this weekend. Here’s to some #EpicDoing this weekend! πŸ™‚

Spartan Race, Under Armor
“For Spaaaaaarta!” πŸ™‚