Modern Millennial Wisdom: Classy is Classic

How does one become classified as being “classy?” Who or what determines what classy is? Is it the style of your hair, cut of your clothes, or the accessories you put on for the day?  Maybe it’s more ethereal; what if it’s in the way you sit, stand, walk, approach people, or interact with a new acquaintance which others perceive as classy.

Can class be taught? If so, can it be bought–and for how much?  What if it’s something your parents are supposed to bequeath you with and if they didn’t, can you acquire it from someone else? Maybe its backlogged in a catalogue or on the dusty top shelf of your local library.  Maybe its securely stowed away on a remotely hosted server in case of earthquake, fire or theft…

Maybe we just need to remember it is inside us all and has been all along.

Trouble is, we get stepped on, taken advantage of, ignored, belittled, stressed, exhausted or fed up with things and decide not to act in a grand way.  We choose not to apply patience, grace, humility, and benevolence to those around us; part of being a class act.  To sum things up, classy is classic. It never gets old that you decided to phone someone rather than write a long email.  It does not go unnoticed that you sent a thank-you note following your interview. And it most certainly is never out dated to flash a shiny smile, say thanks, or hello to a total stranger.

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