It’s going to be OK. But first, you have to Spartan up!

If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it. – Erada

Nothing but 8.5 miles of incredibly uneven terrain, hills that silently wear away your calve muscles, and pools of shockingly cold mud and your own faith in your abilities. The Spartan Sacramento Super this weekend tested everyone’s endurance.

I ended up walking most of the course because I’m currently working through an injury on my IT band. So you could say I had plenty of time to take it all in 😉

Here’s what I took away from this experience:

Getting perspective is key. When you’re in an obstacle, getting though it is your entire world. But then you put some distance between you and that obstacle. You look back and the thing that was all consuming appears much smaller now. I looked back on nearly every obstacle and thought about that.

The buddy system rocks…especially when you’re stuck carrying buckets of rocks really, really far 😉 This entire experience was about placing yourself in what is otherwise an unnatural and uncomfortable situation and just getting through it. Your only choice is to rely on yourself and your abilities. But I will say, it’s incredibly more rewarding going through it with a team and even better when you have a friend alongside you.

Have courage and be kind.Yes, it’s technically a race. But it’s really only against yourself. Everyone out there is just trying to get by in the best way they can. Acknowledgement of this in another human being is sometimes the encouragement they need to keep moving.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

If you’re wondering why I would pay to put myself through something like this, it’s simple; personal growth. An experience like the Spartan race gives you reference points to be able to mentally tell yourself later, “no, it’s actually OK, you can do this because you’ve had to jump over fire!” or “remember that one time, at the Spartan race, when you thought you couldn’t do that obstacle but then, you fond a rhythm and your body started adapting and you did it…see…it’s going to be OK.”

It’s going to be OK. But first, you have to Spartan up!

Courage Performance, Spartan race
The crew ready to attack the Spartan Sacramento Super!