Two Main Ingredients For Personal Branding: Salt & Love

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I got to have dinner with a chef the other night. It was fun to see a completely different perspective on food, its taste and presentation — all the stuff you take for granted after awhile. It was kind of like sitting next to a director while watching a movie. You just know this person is going to see things in a different way because of their relationship to their trade.

At one point he said, “food really only needs two main ingredients.”

Besides bacon and…? “And those would be?”

“Salt and love.”

OK I’m intrigued. “Love, you say? So, I’m curious, how do you put love into a dish?”

I’m paraphrasing now but his answer was about infusing intent and purpose while  preparing the food; cutting the little eyes out of the potatoes and making sure it gets chopped into even cubes.  And it made me think about how simple and complex the ingredient of “love” is because it’s energy, it’s something that gets added in its own unique way to everything. If you think about it, as human beings, we all inherently have this ingredient. It’s part of our own unique, personal branding.

Now, about that dash of salt…


How to be better than you were yesterday

I watched a great interview recently on Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel with Seth Godin. It inspired me to start something today that I’ve been gradually getting better at; writing more. But more than that, it challenged me to up my game by taking on the challenge of blogging every day.

On a good day, I’m extremely organized, focused, and polished when delivering a message or presentation. But honestly, it’s exhausting trying to be perfect. And I’ve realized the only way to get better at something is by being self aware and using deliberate practice to change the pattern.

In the interview, Godin said he blogs every day and thinks everyone should do so. Why? “If you know that tomorrow you have to say something about something you noticed, about something that might help someone else, about an opinion you have that might stand the test of time–you will form those opinions. You will notice those things, you will invent that idea. And if day after day, week after week you leave this trail behind of thoughtful examination of your world, you can’t help but get better at whatever it is you seek to do.”

Because, he went on to say, “my goal is to be trusted in a way that I can make the change I seek to have happen in the world. Return on trust.”

Wow. What a great outlook to have in mind on earning people’s confidence; in return, their trust. It’s so simple but I can’t tell you how many brands attempt to do this by way of SEO, constant emails and contributing to the waterfall of social media and they largely miss the mark.

I write like I talk and so these daily posts are going to be more observational and (hopefully) thoughtful rather than structured with actionable insights and takeaways. If you want more of the latter head on over to where my posts reflect that.  But here, on my blog, I thought I’d try something a bit different.

Even if no one reads this. It’s not about every one. It’s about someone.

Seth Godin interview by Marie Forleo

Seth Godin: “none of us will ever matter to everyone.”

If you’d like to watch Marie’s interview you can find it here:

The Truth About Your Calling with Seth Godin & Marie Forelo

Now go and make just one, someone happy 🙂

Meeting Seth Godin

Meeting Seth Godin at the launch of his book, Linchpin.